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THE RIDER - jennifer williams


Jennifer Williams is an International Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer developing the horse from youngster to Grand Prix. She has trained and ridden many horses to the Grand Prix level and is excited about her most recent up and coming mounts. It is Jennifer’s dream to one day represent the USA at the the Olympic level. Learn about some of her career accomplishments here and features in the press here.


OWN a piece of an International super star! There are partnership and syndicate share opportunities available. Please send an email to Jennifer at or text/call 253-381-2811 to learn more


It takes a phenomenal team of individuals to support the effort of International competition. We would love to have you be a part of our team as we reach our dream. If you are looking to have a talented young dressage horse campaigned to the upper levels, want to be part of the process through the Young Horse Divisions - or just want to participate in International Dressage - please contact Jennifer at and/or consider donating to the grant through Southern California Equestrian Sports (SCES).


Donations are immensely helpful in covering costs for Jennifer’s international competition. All SCES contributions are tax deductible.  You can learn more about making a donation through SCES here.

We also always welcome any product sponsorship. Every contribution helps and we so appreciate your consideration. We will promote your logo or banner at shows and clinics, put brochures out at horse show venues, add your logo to our website with a link to your website, give facebook recognition and tag in updates, send updates, and involve you in the process along the way. Come join us!


Jennifer williams dressage team

The Team for the Dream

The Horses

Our current list of competition horses:

JOPPE K ~ Joppe K Is a 2014 chestnut KWPN gelding by Rousseau x Santano was purchased in Holland May of 2019 as a coming 5 yr old. Joppe was the Reserve Champion 6 yr old in the 2020 Festival of Champions and the only horse for the US to qualify for the World Breeding Championship in Verden that year.  In 2021 Joppe scored well in the Developing PSG classes even making the jump to the CDI small tour level by the end of the season. He ending with solid performances in Europe in Belgium and was invited to the Prestigious Aachen 4*  that September. In 2022 Joppe made the jump to I-2/GP. At just 8 yrs old Joppe was the winner of the Lovsta Future Challenge for Young Grand Prix horses in Wellington, FL. In early fall that year he made his Grand Prix debut for a 73% and FEI highpoint of that show!  2023 Joppe was the recipient of the $25,000 Carol Lavell Advanced Dressage Prize which helped Joppe spend another season in FL and train and compete alongside some of the top riders in the US and in the world. The pair made their International Grand Prix debut competing in 10 International starts and taking top honors in 3 of them and reaching scores over 70% in the Grand Prix and the Special. Joppe is currently short listed for the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile. Joppe is owned by the Joppe Partners, LLC which consist of four partners (including Jen) who have come together in Syndication to work to reach the highest levels of dressage!


*****There  are partnership opportunities available on this amazing young GP horse who is already scoring to 70% at CDI level competition with 5 CDI wins under his belt. Come join our amazing team***** 

2024 - Joppe has had a great start to the season scoring 70% his first time out at GP and finishing 2nd in the World Cup freestyle with 75%.

He took his first big win at Global week 3 topping a field of 20 competitors and putting in a strong performance. Week 7 Joppe and Jen competed in their first Nation's Cup together and finished Team Silver!

BERLIN ~ Berlin is a 2015 grey Oldenburg gelding by Bordeaux x Sandro Hit and already shows lovely talent for the higher levels of dressage. Berlin  and Jennifer started together May of 2022 at 3rd level. 2023 Berlin is currently competing at the I-1 level with progress being made toward the Grand Prix. 

2024 Berlin in his first CDI season is having some lovely outings. In his most recent competition the pair had a personal best PSG and 2nd place finish with 71.3% and another personal best Intermediare 1 with 69.5%. Berlin is now schooling Grand Prix.

*****Partnership opportunities are available on Berlin who shows great talent for the GP level and is coming 9 years old*****

MILLIONE ~ One of Jennifer William’s most recent competition horses, Millione, is a 20 year old Danish warmblood gelding bred by Jurgen Olson of Denmark. Millione finished competing at the International Grand Prix level end of 2022. In 2020 the pair were the US National Champions at the Festival of Champions. In 2021 the pair completed their European debut winning the Grand Prix Special at the Grote Brogel CDI in Belgium and also represented the US at Aachen at that years 5* Nation's Cup where the team finished a close 4th behind some of Europe's top riders, and 6th individually in the Special.   Millione ranked highest at 39th in the World on the FEI rankings list for Grand Prix horses. He also in 2021 was short listed for the 2020 Olympic Games Tokyo (2020 and 2021), was Silver on the Wellington Nation's Cup team, and 4th Nation's Cup team in Aachen. Millione was among the top 8 in scores Qualifying for the World Equestrian Games reaching scores to 73.9% in the GP Special and 77.2% in the GP Freestyle for 2022 before his retirement. He is still fit and happily working at home.

MR. JONES - Mr Jones is a 2017 KWPN imported gelding by Franklin x Everdale x Jazz. Incredibly talented,  modern,  scopey youngster for the future.

FURST JOVIANNO - Jojo is a 2019 Jovian x  Furst Romancier x Desperados stallion prospect. Long leggy elegant uphill type with fantastic scope and swing through his body. This boy will be tall and very elegant. Owned together with Thunder Ridge Sport horses. 


OREGON CHROME  - Chrome is a gorgeous 2019 chestnut colt by Deniro x Jazz x  Rhodium (Ferro) owned together with Thunder Ridge Sport Horses. Dam is Kiriska (Owned by Gayle Atkins) who is national champion mare as a 3 yr old for KWPN NA. Co-Owned with Thunder Ridge Sport Horses. Born and bred in the USA.

HOTWHEELS SV - 2020 bay colt by Hotline x Bretton Woods x Furst Heinrich owned together with Paula Helm.

HOTTIE HENDERSON SV - 2021 bay colt by Hotline x Bretton Woods x Furst Heinrich owned together with Paula Helm.

Jennifer's coaches

Training never stops. To compete at the top levels of dressage, a rider must continually train. Jennifer is fortunate to be able to train and ride clinics with some of the top trainers and riders in dressage.


Christophe Theallet is a graduate of ENE French National School, Saumur. He has trained and ridden with numerous top trainers including Rudolph Zeilinger, Patrick Le Rolland, Christilot Boylen, and Steffen Peters. Christophe represents France in international competition and has done so for the past 20 years. Besides competing, he has also trained many riders and horses through Grand Prix in New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

The Christophe Theallet Philosophy


“Our sport is difficult because the rider is only as good as the horse. It’s all about opportunity, but sadly opportunity is money in our sport. I do believe, though, with hard effort and the right coaching there are realistic possibilities.”

Christophe focuses on the willingness in the horse, “While I do have a proven strategy for creating an exceptional rider, I also think the same is essential with the horse. Riders must understand just how different they must be with each horse, that the basics are fundamental to a pair’s future. The rider must train classically, always ride with a plan in mind, and do good basic work with good transitions and with a good position. And, know that less is more.”


Wanting to be recognized as the trainer who perpetuates the tradition of correct classical riding, he explains, “The position precedes the action. The bend of the neck equals the bend in the body. Rider legs means go. Hands means back. Legs without Hands, Hands without Legs. Speed Control. Less bend is better at the beginning for the horse. And, the importance of understanding shoulder control. Nobody pays attention to these things because they are the little things and they are boring. But, truly, they are the building blocks for their future.”

Jennifer Williams Dressage Rider
Jennifer Williams SCES


Learning never stops.  Jennifer continues to participate in clinics with some of the world's top riders, trainers, and clinicians.

Debbie McDonald and Jennifer
Debbie McDonald and Jennifer
Steffen Peters
Steffen Peters
Alfredo Hernandez
Alfredo Hernandez
Charlotte Dujardin & Jennifer Williams
Charlotte Dujardin and Jennifer


Here at Summervale, we are fortunate to have an outstanding team that helps us keep our horses at their best .

Career Highlights

Jennifer Williams' Career Highlights


Joppe wins Thunderbird CDI3*, 1st place 69.36% Grand Prix Special, Langley, Canada

Joppe wins Touch of Class Dressage CDI3* 1st Place 70.7% Grand Prix, 1st Place Grand Prix Special, Langley Canada


Millione, Adequan Global Dressage Festival, Grand Prix 4*, 1st Place 72.95%

Millione, Adequan Global Dressage Festival, Grand Prix Freestyle, 1st place 77.17%


Millione, Nation's Cup, CHIO Aachen, Team USA 4th Place

Grote- Brogel CDI3* Belgium, 1st place Grand Prix Special, 3rd place Grand Prix

Millione, Olympic Short-List: 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Millione, Nation's Cup, Wellington FL, Team USA Silver Medal


Millione is the Champion at the 2020 Festival of Champions Grand Prix Division

Joppe K is reserve Champions for the 6 year old Division and new up and coming FEI talent

Sandeman finishes 3rd in the PSG and 7th over all for the Developing PSG national Championship.

Millione and Jennifer make the Pre-Elite Roster for their two scores over 71% at CDI competition. (More info on Pre-Elite members can be found here:

Millione does it again with a super result of 2nd place in the Grand Prix Special at Global week 10 and 71.5%. A field of 30 horses started in the Grand Prix and the top 15 move on to the Special

Millione and Jennifer named the reserve pair for the Adequan Global Nation's Cup Team!

Joppe K in his first CDI wins the 6 year old preliminary test with 8.37 and also in the final with an impressive 8.5

Millione and Jennifer compete in their first 4* Grand Prix competition among some of the country's top riders, finishing  top 3 with 71.06%. 

Joppe K competes in his first 6 yr USEF old Qualifier and scores an impressive 8.3 at Global week 8

Millione finishes 4th in the CDI 3* Freestyle among a top field of competitors in the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Florida with a 73.9%!

Millione is awarded a grant from the Dressage Foundation to train and compete in Florida



Mckenzie Milburn wins Jr 3rd level Region 6 Championship on her horse Zeno and I-1 Jr Championship on her horse Georgie

Millione places 3rd overall in the 2019 US Festival of Champions at the Grand Prix level

Student/working student Mckenzie Milburn qualifies her young horse Zeno for the Junior Festival of Champions

Millione and Jennifer make the Developing Program through USEF 

Millione wins at Rancho Murrieta 3* in the GP with a 68.3% and scores a 71.4% to take top honors in the GP Special



Millione finishes 2nd in the Grand Prix Special at Festival of Champions and is 3rd overall in Grand Prix division

Francis finishes 6th overall at Festival of Champions in the FEI 6 yr old division

Millione qualifies and is invited to the Grand Prix Festival of Champions where he qualified 8th in the country

Francis HW is ranked 2nd heading to the Festival of Champions for FEI 6 yr olds

MIllione  67.6% CDI Grand Prix Special 6th place at West Coast Adequan Festival IV in a field of top competitors

Millione finished 2nd place in the CDI at Rancho Murietta in the Grand Prix Special with a 66.8%

Millione wins in Calgary with a 69% in the Grand Prix Freestlye 3* CDI

Millione in his debut Grand Prix Freestlye scored an 82.4%


HS Wrevolution 67.8% first time out at GP. Won all three GPs he competed in during 2017

Millione advanced to I-2 with great results, achieving scores up to 73.7% during the season


Sotto Voce qualified for the Young Horse Championships at Lamplight Equestrian Center with an 8.1 (Did not attend)

HS Wrevolution, winner of the Intermediate One CDI3* at Rancho Murrieta, CA with a 68%

HS Wrevolution winner of the Intermediate One CDI 3* at Langley, BC with 68%


HS Wrevolution invited to and participated in the Young Horse Championships as a 5 yr old at Lamplight Equestrian Center, finishing 12th

Received the Anne Barlow Ramsay $25,000 Grant to campaign an American bred horse at the International level. Flew to Germany with HS Wistar and trained for 2 months


HS Wistar winner of the $1000 FEI Evening of Musical Freestyles, Del Mar National Horse Show

HS Wistar was invited to and participated in the Festival of Champions in Gladstone, NJ, for the inaugural Brentina Cup


Phirst Solo, winner in Grand Prix Special at CDI competition Rancho Murrieta

HS Wistar, winner of USET qualifier PSG and the I-1 Freestyle at DG Bar Ranch

Phirst Solo, winner of the USET Grand Prix qualifier at DG Bar Ranch

Both Phirst Solo and Wistar were invited and participated at the 2005 Festival of Champions. Phirst Solo finished 9th at Grand Prix and HS Wistar 5th at I-1 in Gladstone, NJ

Attended several USET training sessions with Klaus Balkenhaul in 2005


Phirst Solo USDF Horse of the Year Champion at I-2 level


Ainsley’s Goodfellow qualified for NAYRC and was ranked #1 in country leading into the finals, and finished 8th individually

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