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Jennifer Williams Dressage

Jennifer Williams Dressage gladly accepts both sales horses and a small number of horses whose owners dream of seeing their horse compete at the FEI level - including Grand Prix - with an accomplished, thoughtful trainer.  Whether your focus is on training a horse you plan to sell, or on a longer-term training program for competition at the FEI or CDI level, Jennifer would like to help you achieve your goals.

Summervale Premier Dressage has two highly accomplished assistant trainers who support Jennifer with her training program.  These trainers also offer instruction both to our boarders and to haul-ins.  They can help you achieve your riding goals through the development of your horse to a higher level of dressage, and are committed to developing your confidence and success in the show ring.

Dressage Training Seattle Area & Wellington Florida
Jennifer Williams - training
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Jennifer Williams Dressage - training
Jennifer Williams Dressage training
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