FUn day for a hack with Cambridge
Cambridge Canter
Cambridge trot
Cambridge in the old days

Price: SOLD



Sire:  Crown Affaire

Dam: Marin

DOB: 2006

Breeding: Holsteiner

Height: 16.1h

Cambridge is a very sweet and kind 4th level gelding that would make a good partner for an amateur or junior rider. He has previously taken his beginner rider up through 3rd level over the past few years. Shown to a 65% at 3rd level. He gave her confidence and the tools to navigate through a higher level.  He loves to go out on trail rides and is a quiet and calm demeanor on the ground. He is loving of people and their attention. A real in your pocket type of horse who loves to snuggle and be close to his person. Three nice quality gates with an a nice big over stepping walk, a comfortable swinging trot, and an organized canter that will allow someone to learn and experience the feel while they grow in their strength and skill. Cambridge is working 4th level work with tempi's, pirouettes, halfpasses on full diagnal's, and is great out on trails.