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Sir FurstenTanz 


Price: Pending



Sire: Furst Romancier

Dam: by Sandro Hit

DOB: 2011

Breeding: Oldenburg

Height: 17.1

This stunning 4th level imported gelding bred by Von Hof Olympia has been a lovely amateur mount And competed through 3rd level.

Owner states: My friends and I rent a house up in Long Beach that has a horse set up and I've taken him up 3x over the years.  He's super chill in the horse trailer, always!  I've taken him to Mission State Park trail riding a few times and over to Bend as well.  Anytime I haul out for a clinic I just hope on and go, no lunging needed even if it's a new place.  He's always a barn fav, his little nose wiggle is very endearing and gets him a lot of attention.  You can do just about anything with him and he just takes it in stride as far as new situation, dressing him up for Halloween, etc.  He's also my go to guy if people are a little nervous about hacking out with their own horse around the barn property but they want to try it.  He's a great babysitter for the other horse plus the other rider sees how calm Tanz is and it helps them mentally, if that makes sense.


He's also really good at shows as well although it's been a couple years.  We moved to a new training situation in 2021 and took 2022 off to focus on getting him up ready for 4th/PSG.  I decided to sell him mid year 2023 so we never got into the show ring.  The judges always loved him and we usually did very well.  Further, he usually gets noticed in the warm up as people really love his type.  His show records are attached.


Highlights for 2019:  ODS Champion 1st level 72.27%, Region 6 Champion 1st level 69.65%,  Unfortunately due to the wildfires in 2020 we had to scratch YE Championship shows and 2021. I opted to take my other horse to Championships since it was my first year at PSG, although Tanz qualified as well at 3rd level.


Tanz is just a good all-around horse for either a kid or an adult that wants to just enjoy having a horse but also wants to be competitive in the show ring at the lower levels.  Plus he is super sweet,  easy to handle, and loves all sorts of treats!




Recent Xrays on file including neck! Tanz is a sweet kind gelding with an inquisitive personality. He loves people and grooming and is a talented boy! Tanz has started Tempi's and pirouettes. He's a big beautiful love who enjoys trails, beaches, camping, and his special person.

New video!


SIRE: Fürst Romancier


Fuerst Romancier has produced some top performers. His daughter Fasine triumphed as the champion of six-year-old dressage horses and as the winner of the Oldenburg Elite Mare Show in 2012.  She was also the top seller in auction selling for 1.3 million euros and is the full sister to For Romance I and For Romance II.  For Romance I was the licensing and premium winner in Oldenburg and sold for 750,000 euros and For Romance II was premium stallion in 2015 and continues to be in high demand as a sire. 

Just a few young stallions can stand up with such results: Fuerst Romancier sired the champion stallion of the Oldenburg licensing, For Romance, who was auctioned for a sensational price of 750,000 Euro, as well as another premium stallion who as sold to the State Stud Celle for 170,000 Euros. 

2020 was quite a season for the offspring of Fuerst Romancier. At the European Young Riders Championships in Hungary, First Class won three silver medals with Lia Welschof. Dorothee Schneider's Burg Cup winner, First Romance, came third in the Louisdor Prize of the best young Grand Prix horses. Fuerst Fritz and Daniel Pinto/POR were placed in international Grand Prix competitions. Flintstone became Hanoverian Vice Champion (4 y.o. mares and geldings). Fuerstin D'Amour became top price of the 1st Helgstrand-Schockemöhle Online Auction, selling for 82,000 Euros. And the following descendants of Fuerst Romancier are also highly successful: Fürst Albert/Inessa Merkulova/RUS, Hawtins Falerno/Sameera Rahmatalla/GBR, Fuerstenhit/Sandra Zindel-Weber/SUI, Florina/Anders Dahl/DEN and Fahrenheit/Tamsin Addison/IRL, who competes in para-equestrian dressage. The Burg Cup finalist Fuerst Levantino won the Future's Champion Cup in Hagen a.T.W. with Marlene Sieverding and Team Silver at the European Championships in Fontainebleau/FRA. Flying Dancer OLD/Dorothee Schneider, auction top price, was very well placed at the World Championships for young dressage horses and is now preparing for Grand Prix with Stefan Lehfellner/AUT, after several victories in St. Georges. Best of Mount St. John OLD was Vice Regional Champion and fifth at the German Championships. The Oldenburg Champion Mare, German Champion and P.S.I. auction top price Fasine OLD has been placed in advanced (S) level dressage competitions. Her two full brothers, For Romance I OLD (licensing and main premium winner, top price of the Stallion Market, Burg Cup finalist and successful in Grand Prix) and For Romance II (premium stallion) as well as Fuerst Levantino and Fuerst Jazz belong to the over 35 licensed sons of Fuerst Romancier.

Fürst Romancier himself was Oldenburg main premium winner and came the most successful stallion in his age group at the World Championship for Five Year-Old Dressage Horses in 2009. At the Bundeschampionat he placed second in the qualifier with a score of 9.0 and fourth again in the World Championship for Dressage Horses. In his stallion performance test, he has received top scores all higher than 9,0 for his basic gaits as well as 9.0 and 9.5 for rideability.

Fuerst Romancier originates from the valuable dam line of Edoste represented by Bundeschampion and competitor of the European Championship Exupéry, vice Bundeschampion Landjuwel Gold, Olympic horse Petit Prince and Grand Prix winner Avignon. Sire Fuerst Heinrich himself was World Champion of Young Dressage Horses, produced in only a short time in breeding outstanding horses such as the 2011' World Champion of Young Dressage Horses Woodlanders Farouche.

DAM SIre: Sandro Hit

It's silver for Team USA! Three relatives of Sandro Hit competed on Team USA at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics--son Salvino, grandson Sanceo and great-grandson Speilberg! The Gold Medal German team included Sandro Hit son Showtime FRH. 

Few stallions have managed to become a legend during their lifetime...and then there is Sandro Hit. This unique black beauty and his offspring are of epochal importance to world dressage horse breeding. Sandro Hit has started a legendary new dynasty in dressage horse breeding is considered the founding stallion of Schockemoehle Stud. Since 2012, he has been part of the illustrious circle of the world's best dressage sires. In 2017 and 2018, he was second in the WBFSH ranking of the most successful dressage stallions, and has been placed third since 2019. Sandro Hit is himself a German national champion and World Champion of six-year-old dressage horses and has trained up to Grand Prix. In the dressage WBFSH world ranking, Sandro Hit was placed fourth in 2015. From 2010-2012 he won the USEF/Performance Horse Registry Leading Sire Award in the US as the best dressage sire.  

Sandro Hit's offspring are high in blood, modern, harmonious, equipped with excellent movement and a fascinating appearance and shine. He produces chic, modern, strong-moving progeny, who are gifted with captivating charm and are conquering the market. They are brilliant typed and incredibly light-footed. He has produced top-priced auction foals and horses with more than 190 licensed stallions in Germany alone including several champion stallions, state premium mares, championship winners, and numerous Grand Prix winners. The enumeration of his licensing winners, premium stallions and stallion market top prices would go beyond any scope. Many of them also competed, like Sir Donnerhall I, Vice World Champion and German Champion, Sancisco OLD, victorious in Grand Prix, San Francisco OLD, German Champion, auction top price and victorious at advanced (S) level, Sorento, Burg Cup finalist as well as Sir Donnerhall II and Sir Skyfall OLD, both placed at the World Championships for young dressage horses.

His daughters, 493 of whom were awarded the State Premium, are led by the dressage World Champion and double German Champion Poetin, who was auctioned for the record sum of 2.5 million Euros at the P.S.I. Auction.

The descendants of Sandro Hit have long since conquered the biggest championship stages around the globe. Five of them competed at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio/BRA, including Showtime FRH/Dorothee Schneider, who became team gold medalist and came sixth in the freestyle, and Santano II/Christopher Burton/AUS, eventing team bronze medallist. In 2019, Showtime FRH won team gold and double silver in the individual finals of the European Championships. In 2018, Salvino/Adrienne Lyle was part of the USA dressage silver medallist team at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon/USA. In the 2015 Hanoverian stallion book, Sandro Hit was recorded to have sired 1,087 competition horses with winnings of 744,268 euros and as of 2016 he has produced 1138 competition horses with total winnings for 887,913 euros.

With a HEK-breed value of 155, Sandro Hit is clearly rated positively.  The numbers, which form the basis of this breed value, are pretty impressive.  1,061 descendants obtained placements in dressage – 204 of them in classes at the S-level.  59 have successes in S***-classes, 22 in S****-classes and two in S*****-classes.  In his successful, rising dressage-stars, we often find Donnerhall’s genetics on the dam side of the pedigree.  This is the case with his most successful descendant, which carries the Hanoverian brand.  It is Dorothee Schneider’s Showtime FRH (life earnings: 230,697 Euros), a team Olympic champion in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.  Heinrich Wecke from Stadthagen bred him out of a dam by Rotspon/Donnerhall, which stands for very rideable blood.  Since several years, Sandro Hit is one of the top three dressage horse producers in the WBFSH world rankings, which also underlines his value as a dressage horse producer.

Several sons of Sandro Hit  now have higher HEK-breed values than he does.  Sir Donnerhall (dam by Donnerhall), the national dressage champion and vice world champion of 2006, was rated highest with a value of 172.  He too has successful descendants, a total of 1,067 dressage stars, including 210 with victories and placements at the S-level.  Fifty five reached the Grand Prix level, eleven are successful at the demanding S****-level, and one successfully competes at the top international S*****-level.

Sandro Hit has produced over ten Bundeschampions to date – and at the 2011 World Championship for Young Dressage Horses he presented numerous finalists such as Showtime, Sunday, and Soulmate. His offspring are setting new records in the sport with 142 mares being awarded state premium, and numerous progeny being auctioned for top prices like 2.5 million euros that was fetched for two-time Bundeschampion Poetin, or 580,000 euros for the Bundeschampion San Francisco. 

Sandro Song, his sire, was champion of his licensing in 1990 and main premium champion 1992, while his dam, Loretta, has passed on her genes to significant licensed sons like Royal Hit and Grand Prix winner Diamond Hit (who is sire of the 2011 NRW champion stallion).

We cannot say enough about this stunning sire.

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