Hello Jenn,

I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and diligence in helping me with the purchase of my new horse, Derby.

Clearly the process of buying a Dressage horse is not easy.  You have to find a horse you like and can afford, you have to trust the seller, and you have to ensure the horse is physically and mentally able to handle what is being asked of him.

All through the process you made me feel that there were no hidden agendas.  I felt that when I made the decision to proceed I had all of the information I was looking for.  I never felt anything was being hidden.  In addition, you did a great job of describing the various local vets that I could chose from.  Regardless of feeling very good about my decision to buy Derby, it wasn’t until he arrived at my barn and I had a chance to ride him for more than a week that I truly understood what a great job you did in making sure I purchased a great horse at a fair price.

If I decide to buy another horse in the future, you will surely be my first phone call.  

Thanks again for a job very well done.

Hal, New York

I have to say that it’s such a pleasure working with you and your team. Andre is the perfect fit for me. We are on our way to getting our bronze medal this year!
I would recommend anyone looking for a quality horse to start their search with you and your team.

Angie, Texas

Hello Jennifer,

Perhaps you could share with Bev my happiness at having Bugg in my life.  We made our debut today in Training Level and won high point at the show with a score of 76.75%.  The judge had many positive comments about him and he was so good to soldier on through the rain and past all the umbrellas at the side of the ring.  Such a sweet horse!



“Love” is amazing, I am having so much fun with her and she is such a snuggly horse, I love it! I have mostly been trail riding with lots of conditioning. But also have been taking dressage lessons and recently jump lessons as well. She is a fantastic jumper and seems to really enjoy it. Plus she “looks” for the next fence. I took her out to school cross-country and see seemed to enjoy that as well. All the trainers I have ridden with really like her too. 

Anyway, too many good things to say!


I had been casually looking for a replacement for my FEI horse the last three years really. I have a very nice horse who was 23 this and I knew I needed to retire soon. It was very frustrating flying to different parts of the US and vetting horses, only to find problems that would prevent them from doing the Grand Prix which was my goal. Plus it cost me about $2,500 each time with travel and the vet exam! That can add up quick! We travel a lot so we decided to start looking in the areas that we were going to be. So when we went to Seattle this year I did a search for Dressage horses and Summervale Premier Dressage came up. Jennifer Williams, one of the farm owners called me back within 24 hours, and I liked her energy right away. It was so fun to meet her and I found the horse seemed just right for me. She gave me many tips as I rode him through and it was quite wonderful. She was very patient answering all of my questions. If she did not know the answer, she found the answer. Best of all the horse had been X-rayed already which was very helpful as my vet was able to take a peak even before I met the horse. I would highly recommend Jennifer as a Broker/Trainer. My experience was very good and I would highly recommend her even to my very best friend!

Liz, South Dakota

Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to thank you for your help in finding Fred a super new home. Working with you made the whole process so easy and stress free! I really appreciated the ongoing communication that you provided along with great care for Fred while he was at Summervale. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to buy or sell a horse.

Thanks again,


“Some people think shopping for a horse is fun.  Not me!  Time and money spent looking at horses that are misrepresented or fail the vet check is not fun.  But shopping for a horse at Summervale Premier Dressage is a different story.  Summervale’s charming and capable trainer Jennifer Schrader-Williams had several horses in my price range for me to try.  They were all beautifully presented, well-mannered, and superbly trained.  The professional website with photos and video of each horse lets your preview the horses that interest you and a conversation with Jennifer assists you to focus on the horses most likely to suit your capabilities, preferences, and aspirations. Jennifer has already pre-vetted the horses she offers for sale, so while you may desire additional film in your vet check, you aren’t likely to encounter any surprises.  It was one trip and done for me.  Once I sat on Leonardo, I was in love. He is home with me in California now and is exceeding all of my expectations.  Leo is my forever and ever horse, but if I ever needed another, I would go right back to Summervale Premier Dressage.”

Suzanne Reed, Sacramento, CA

My recent purchase of a very nice horse from Jennifer Schrader-Williams of Summervale Premier Dressage could not have been more pleasant and seamless.  Jennifer is not only a very talented rider and coach, but she is an exceptional businesswoman who takes the time to work with her prospective clients in terms of making a compatible match between horse and rider.  In addition, she is very forthcoming with any pertinent medical issues/concerns as it relates to the horse and her entire team is very professional.
Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my new purchase of “Freiheit” and would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone in search of a high quality horse.  She is trustworthy and a pleasure to do business with!


I am writing this recommendation for Jennifer Schrader-Williams.  I cannot say enough how pleased I am with Jennifer’s service.  My initial contact with her was late on a Friday night and I received a prompt reply from her within minutes. She was very informative and professional and I felt very comfortable taking my horse to her to sell.
Once he arrived there we observed a top-notch facility with amazing horse care. My horse got individual treatment based on his needs including attention, feeding and turnout.  I left there feeling very at-ease because I knew he was going to be in good hands.
I can’t stress enough how well Jennifer communicates. I enjoyed how she updated me on his progress, especially the first few days he was there and while he was being shown. She does a good job of advertising and meets the owner’s and seller’s needs, which can be really hard to balance.
When she shows the horse to prospective buyers, she takes the time to have them braided and presented in the best way possible. When the new owner picked him up she received a bathed and perfectly groomed horse with a new halter and a new Summervale show sheet.
I give my highest recommendation to Jennifer, and would not hesitate to use her again in the future.


Thank you so much for your aid in securing our purchase of Levi from Summervale Farms. He is an amazing horse and I find more to love about him every day. It is truly a leap of faith to buy a horse from a video, but after our conversations about what I was looking for, and your honest assessment of this horses abilities and strengths, I must say that it could not have worked out better. He is everything you said he was and more. I am a very lucky to have this horse in my stables, and in my life.

We just completed our first show with high praise and high marks. According to the judges comment “this horse is something special”. I happen to agree.

Janelle Dunn