Monterey – Grand Prix

Sire: Rubignon

Dam: Mona-Loo by Monaco 602

DOB: 2000

Montye is a super sweet and kind Grand Prix schoolmaster! Montye has taken two riders to their gold medals and he still loves to work and connect with his person. We would love to find someone for Montye where he can still be someones partner and teach them the upper level movements while having a  loving home where he can eventually retire. Montye was recently flexed and Xrayed, He is comfortable with all of the Grand Prix movements and will make a great teacher for someone. He is safe and kind and willing. Comfortable gaits.

Montye is by the beautiful black stallion Rubignon.

Rubignon (Rubinstein/Donnerhall/Pik Solo) is a beautiful black 16.2h Oldenburg stallion. Rubignon represents 3 generations of the most valuable dressage bloodlines through the Grand Prix stallions: Rubinstein, Donnerhall, and Pik Solo. He was listed for the Swedish Dressage team in 2008 and 2009, and has 17 Grand Prix wins and placings including international wins in his name. He is approved with multiple registries and was tested in Sweden with 9’s for his special jumping talent as well.

His temperament is superb, true to his sire, “his movement even better than Rubinstein” said Oldenburg Judge Evelin Vollsted during Rubignon’s licensing. It is noted that Rubignon’s best feature is his incredible mind and rideability.

Rubignon was the most popular breeding stallion for SWANA both in 2002 and 2003. He bred the following years in Germany and Sweden where he also had a successful Grand Prix career. Rubignon offers a well rounded dressage pedigree, with proven performance generation after generation.

Rubignon stamps his offspring with elegant uphill toplines, modern type with long legs, and excellent light springy movement with good lift in front and well carried from behind.

Xrays on file!

$56,000 Owner sadly must sell due to health reasons!